About us

Etaž d.o.o. is a private trading company established in Belgrade in 1990. Predominant activity of the company is trading with equipment for central heating. Work commencement is based on retailing of home thermo-technical and gas installations.



Today, in addition to 15 specialized retail stores in Belgrade, Pančevo, Mladenovac, Smederevo and Niš and several commission retail stores in Serbia, ETAŽ uses wholesales to supply contractors and investors of large facilities with materials for central heating, including substations, pipe distribution and very wide assortment of home installations, in terms of more than 20.000 products. ETAŽ is present on the market of Montenegro through company Mikro-mont - Bijelo Polje. ETAŽ is an agent/importer of products manufactured by renowned European manufacturers in the field of thermo-technical installations: Bosch, Caleffi, Centrometal, Danfoss, Siemens, Grundfos, ESBE, FAF, Fondital, Giersch, Henco, Herz, Rems, Rehau, Te-sa i Tiemme. There are also well known brands in field of air-conditionig like Airwella i LG, and brands in field of sanitry water and sewer systems like Interplast, Grohe, Slovarm i Herz





ETAŽ has his own training center for distributors and installes and assists prospective buyers in material selection and recommend quality designers and contractors.





In accordance with balance and loss statement for 2006, ETAŽ is categorized as a large company with currently 105 employees, whereof 25 has university-level education and others with high-school education.





We deliver purchased merchandise to the buyers, as agreed..



Call on one of provided telephone numbers and verify our business conduct and preparedness to respond your requests promptly and quality.

General information:

Etaž d.o.o. Company registered to the following address: Šumatovačka 2, 11000 Belgrade
Company management and wholesales: Šumatovačka 2, 11224 BEOGRAD - VRČIN

TIN: 100288271
Record number: 07438044
Activity code: 4674

Current accounts::
Komercijalna banka: 205-9389-51
Banca Intesa: 160-169450-06
Raiffeisenbank: 265-1100310005641-04

Foreign currency account:
Raiffeisenbank: RS35 265100000002479274